Know the millisecond booking for my next group opens.

And get five quick copy tips.

Want to write better copy for your business in 6 weeks?

Your words can work harder and win more sales. You just need to know how.

Learn techniques professional copywriters use to create engaging copy.

Learn how to put your customer at the heart of everything.

Most importantly, feel more equipped and confident to write copy that’ll help your business grow.

Whether it’s website copy, emails, or general content, small businesses can’t always justify hiring a copywriter.

And your school English lessons probably didn’t teach you how to write for your business.

English lessons helped you write essays.

DIY Business Copywriting helps you write business copy.

The two are quite different.

No more dreaded blank page

Imagine if you knew exactly what to write and how to construct it.

Your home page drew them in, they wanted to open your emails, your posts got engagement.

You’ve probably been in front of a blank screen before, frantically wondering what on earth to write. And you’ve probably created a page of words, only to pull it apart and feel totally frustrated.

Better copywriting can be learnt. And with practice, you can improve. A lot.

Your biggest win? Better copy means a better business.

More cash. More recognition. More fulfilment.

DIY Business Copywriting – 6 weeks to better copy

It’s proven.

After six weeks, attendees felt more confident and equipped to create compelling business copy.

And they’re still improving as they hone their new skills.

My live programme is structured around six 75-minute Zoom sessions – each covering a key topic:

Week #1
How to understand your audience (and why it matters)

Week #2
Understanding conversational copy and how to use it

Week #3
Techniques to create more engaging copy

Week #4
How (and why) to use stories in your business copy

Week #5
Writing web copy that works

Week #6
How to create a content plan (and what to write about)

Delivered live in a small group, you can ask questions and interact with other members. You’ll learn together and support each other.

I record the main section and it’s available to replay at your convenience.

Borrow my copy brain, one-to-one

A valuable part of the programme is your Zoom one-to-one with me. Any topic for 45 minutes. You might want specific insight on an area not covered in the sessions, or advice on your own copy.

Grab your copy review

Submit up to 600-words of your copy (or your company’s copy) for review. Via recorded video, I’ll suggest ways to improve it in terms of structure, flow, and reading ease.

Don’t forget your Facebook group

You’ll find everything safely wrapped up in a private Facebook group – yours for the programme duration. It’s a cosy place to find the replays, resources, and chat from other attendees. You can also get feedback on your learning actions and grab my ear with any quick copy queries.

Here’s the catch:

There are limited places so you get the attention you deserve.

Don’t deliberate too long because they’re going, going…

Who’s it for?

  • Solopreneurs

  • Small business owners

  • In-house staff

The programme content is broad and practical. Do you want to discover techniques to write more engaging copy? Do you want to become more confident at writing copy for your business? Then, it’s right up your street.

Here’s why others joined DIY Business Copywriting:

I wanted to learn different techniques to improve the social media posts I write for other people.

I wanted to get better at more compelling writing that reflects my personality and brand, ultimately to make more sales.

I wanted to create better content for my website and social media posts.

Who’s it not for?

  • Established copywriters

  • Experienced business writers

  • Businesses that hire copywriters

Unless you’re looking for a refresher across a broad range of copy topics.

How much is DIY Business Copywriting?

£595.00 (+VAT)

Compare that to a couple of professionally written blogs – if you’re lucky. Instead, your investment will help improve your business copy for weeks, months, and years to come.

If you booked the main programme components with me separately (Seven hours of training, a one-to-one, and a copy review), it would cost £1240.00+VAT. Join the programme and get all this, plus my ear for six weeks, and group collaboration for 52% less.

The value is proven. Just like the lifetime value of new customers it’ll help you win.

When does it start?

The programme is only active three or four times a year. It’s a lot of work and I want to deliver great value.

We’re in between programmes right now. When you’re on my waiting list, you’ll be first to know when I’m booking for the next programme.

Remember: there are limited seats.

What do past attendees say?

“I really enjoyed the DIY Business Copywriting course. It is well structured, and the support is amazing. Each session was long enough to cover everything.

Don't hesitate, just do it, a must for every serious beginner like me”

Lorna Lee – EMA Consultancy

“From the first week I implemented her tips and saw an immediate improvement. The sessions are friendly, easy to understand and perfectly paced.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the course to my friends and clients.”

Andy Roberts – Studio Denley

“I have learnt so much from Anna on this course. She is a genius at understanding your business and how to write for maximum impact with no fuss.

Brilliant value for money and a real confidence booster, I highly recommend Anna's DIY business copywriting course.”

Mel Wakeman – Wakeman Nutrition

“You get clearly that what she suggests is tried and tested and is something 'that works'.

Anna's calm, authoritative style and approach gives participants confidence that what she is teaching is of the 'that works' variety.”

Halina Jaroszewska – leadership Coach

“I have learnt so much about how to write copy which speaks in the voice, tone, and style of my clients.

This is crucial when as a Social Media Manager, you are writing content for your clients (and yourself) that needs to appeal to their target audience and keep engagement high.”

Deb Burton – Optimise Social Media

You get clearly that what she suggests is tried and tested and is something 'that works'.

Anna's calm, authoritative style and approach gives participants confidence that what she is teaching is of the 'that works' variety.

Halina Jaroszewska – leadership Coach

“Anna explains things in a very clear and steadily paced way and provides great handouts to go along with her tuition.

It covers all the key aspects of writing for your business whether web-copy, social media posts, emails, and blogs.”

Jacqui Tillyard – public speaking coach

Who’s Anna Metcalfe?

Good question. Why am I equipped to deliver this programme and help you become a better business copywriter?

Well, I’ve created business copy for over 20 years. From small one-man bands to global organisations, I’ve helped them communicate better.

Punchy web copy, compelling emails, captivating articles.

Been there, done that.

With a strong marketing background, I’m a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM) and ProCopywriters (the alliance of commercial copywriters). Crikey, my business (Cantaloupe Ltd) even won a little award in 2020. That wasn’t in the plan.

Most importantly, I want to help people like you. Small business owners yet to benefit from the power of great copy.

It’s not rocket science. With the right teacher, you’ll create copy to power your business for years to come.

Not jumped on my waiting list yet?

The decision is yours, but I know what I’d do…

With limited seats on each programme, being front of the queue helps.

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